Split LP w/ Everton

by Rika



released June 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Rika Vienna, Austria

Rika, eine Band in vierköpfiger Besetzung, hat sich für das Debütalbum "How To Draw A River, Step by Step" (VÖ 15.02.13) Raum und Zeit genommen. Aufgenommen wurde gemeinsam mit Christian Hölzel (Francis International Airport) in einem still gelegten Fabriksareal, fernab dem lauten Treiben der Großstädte, in denen die Mitglieder sich sonst aufhalten. ... more

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Track Name: Harbor
we close our eyes in your room and all our fears go to sleep. when you wake us in the morning we always walk away as silent as ghosts. i never lose a word about how much this place feels like a home and somehow i always bite my tongue when i really want to smile. you know there are games i couldn’t ever win but you make me try over and over again and i want to thank you for that.
Track Name: Cardboard City
i wonder how the city sleeps at night when the fog makes the streetlights shine so bright. i couldn’t close my eyes waiting for the sunset. waiting for a sunday that never comes. the engine broke down. the wheels are stuck. we revolve around ourselves like the center of the world. like a broken carousel. until we get back to where we stood yesterday. the clocks are ticking and the wind blows my castles of sand away and spits into my face but i know it’s just a temporary state until i change my address and the city changes its name.
Track Name: Rosehip
winter put me to sleep and covered me in blankets of leaves. i watch the days pass by as my trains depart. my mouth is sewn shut and my heart is barely beating. so here i stand waiting for the seasons to change until summer will melt these past days away. i wonder if i will ever cope with this life or ever say a word.