How to Draw a River, Step by Step

by Rika

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released February 15, 2013

Additional Musicians

Manuel Altinger (horn)
Matthias Frey (violin)
Christian Hölzel (guitars, synths, vocals)
Paolo Mora (trumpet, flugelhorn)
Kerstin Pachschwöll (vocals)
Lukas Pöchhacker (cello)
Michael Schreiber (vocals)

Album Credits

Produced by Big Rok and Rika
Recorded and engineered by Big Rok and Michael Lahner at Spiegelfabrik, Gars am Kamp
Mixed by Florian Parzer at Floxbox
Mastered by Martin Siewert
Artwork photography by Manuel Riegler
Layout and Design by Stefan Fellner



all rights reserved


Rika Vienna, Austria

Rika, eine Band in vierköpfiger Besetzung, hat sich für das Debütalbum "How To Draw A River, Step by Step" (VÖ 15.02.13) Raum und Zeit genommen. Aufgenommen wurde gemeinsam mit Christian Hölzel (Francis International Airport) in einem still gelegten Fabriksareal, fernab dem lauten Treiben der Großstädte, in denen die Mitglieder sich sonst aufhalten. ... more

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Track Name: Restless
black clouds over the rooftops
keep you inside
where will you go tonight?
where will you go?

dim lit rooms outside
tell stories you will never hear
when you go it will seem
like you were never here
Track Name: Port Dover
one last breath and then you run
as long as your feet carry you
cut from the strings that held you back
and tried to tear your world apart

one last breath
the camera flashes and you run
into the sparkling golden red

for all these years
you’ve kept all the postcards
on refrigerator doors and on shelves
safely locked away from yourself

you were holding on to this place
Track Name: Mute
the paint came off the walls in your house
and the heat seeped through the windows
and your eyes got lost in the dark
you found it hard to drift off to sleep
with these heavy thoughts on your mind
when it’s quiet and unbearable

you spent the whole night
wide awake with curtains drawn
to keep the trouble at bay
in a city you can’t see through

sometimes the words don’t come out
sometimes you keep your mouth shut
Track Name: See-Through
here summer is almost over
the air is slowly getting colder
we hear the city hum a lullaby
and watch the taillights fade
into the night

all the magic disappeared
because our stories won’t translate
and when you saw your face
reflecting in the window of the train

you became see-through
Track Name: Safety Points
heading through the forests
floating over seas
when will you arrive?
when will you be free?
Track Name: Ultramarine Blue
when you noticed
how the years passed away
and your heart couldn’t keep the pace

when you realized how long
you’ve been waiting
for some things to take shape

you took the first bus to the harbor
and set sail
waiting for the winds to blow you away
Track Name: October
it’s october and you spend your days
with a worried look on your face
watching the rain drizzle down
watching the boats drift by your house

everything it takes to keep you warm

there is a fire in your neighbor’s house
it’s keeping you from sleeping sound

turn over leaves falling down
burn houses and homes one by one
everything it takes to keep you warm

everything it takes to keep you safe
Track Name: Retrospect
afternoons turn into nights
and christmas lights paint outlines
to the city covered in white

slowly i’m moving on
can barely feel my hands
there’s just enough light
for my shivering feet
to find my way back home

and i don’t understand
how things can change so fast
get buried like the grass
underneath the snow

when we were kids
we were waiting in your room
with hopes held high
now i’m waiting for this year to end
Track Name: Treasure
you always wonder
how you’re supposed to swim
too afraid to tread this cold cold water
too weak to cure the illness
to overcome this distance
waiting to be found

you blame yourself for every empty hour
every language you don’t understand
and the day is coming down
to throw your head around

you stay inside
waiting for the storm to come down
over the house
you’ve built around yourself
Track Name: Departure
looking out to the horizon
from the windows of your car
seagulls gather over us

and the words we spoke
about our younger years disappeared
raindrops pound against the glass

tired of your voice
stories from the past
words about old times
disappear at last

had a couple of drinks last night
and i took the pounding
counting hours passing by

the hate-filled mouth kept quiet
the heavy eyes got tired
now i’m leaving you behind

same time next year